Ducted air conditioning systems of the Fujitsu brand are reliable and easy to operate. The manufacturer produces many models from 7.1 kW to 25 kW. Also, most of the duct air conditioners have a reverse. This means that the device can be used in both cooling and heating modes. In heating mode, ducted air conditioners require more power. On average, 3 kW more will be needed than for cooling.

Fujitsu reverse cycle duct air conditioners are an opportunity to save space in the house, improve the interior, and save energy. The energy efficiency of modern models is significantly higher than standard heating equipment since there is no need to generate energy from electricity. Reversible ducted air conditioners extract heat from the outside air and pump it into the room, further purifying the air.

The design of ducted air conditioners provides for the presence of air ducts, an external unit containing a compressor, and grilles inside the house, covering the air duct openings. Also, small screens are placed on the walls inside the house to control the air conditioner. All the same control functions are on the remote control. Fujitsu’s modern air conditioners are easy to control via the mobile app.

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