The service area of ​​Daikin duct air conditioners is within 35-161 m2. The power of the units ranges from 3.7 to 16.12 kW. Modern models have the following advantages:
• The air conditioners have a weekly timer. You can set the operation of the air conditioner with an interval of up to a week of continuous operation. The weekly timer is quite rare among the starting options, so the air conditioner of this series compares favorably with competitors.
• In addition to the highly efficient room ventilation system, Daikin duct air conditioners produce high-quality air purification from all large contaminants up to 0.3 microns in size – dust, pet hair, allergenic plant pollen, dust mites, and many other contaminants.
• Using the self-diagnostic function, the system monitors the state of all units of the air conditioner, which allows the timely detection of malfunctions and deviations in the operation of the units. All information about the operation of units and air conditioning systems is displayed on the control panel display.
Daikin developers have taken care of high efficiency – the air conditioners are equipped with a night energy-saving function. Thanks to the night mode, the air conditioner maintains comfortable temperature values, and when they are reached, it automatically turns off.

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