Ducted system repair

Ducted system repair

When it comes to repairing, almost all air conditioning systems have issues that are common regardless of type and brand. Specializing in installation and servicing various air conditioning systems, our professionals point out refrigerant leakage and drainage clogging as the most widespread “culprits.” In the case of ducted systems, the ductwork itself may be causing problems due to holes, poor sealing, or insulation. Only an experienced and well-equipped specialist can determine the faulty sectors in ceiling ducts and successfully repair or replace them.

Ducted system repair: the usual suspects

This type of air conditioning is more powerful and more complicated compared to split systems. Therefore its utilization may encounter problems that are specific and do not occur with other types of systems. If you suspect any of the following issues in your ducted system, reach out, and our team will quickly eliminate each of them at an affordable price.

Damaged ductwork

To determine if there are punctures or tears in the ductwork, specialists check CO2 output at vent endpoints. They also inspect airflow across the system and locate possible leakage in readily accessible ducts. After tracking down lose or dented sectors, they either patch or replace them, depending on the circumstances.

Decayed or broken insulation

In either case, our team will restore it and ensure that it stays intact because only proper insulation prevents the warming up of the cool air in the ducts. In winter, it alternatively saves heated air from the outside cold. The intact insulation increases air conditioning efficiency, thus reducing energy consumption.

Zoning gates

Ducted system repair also includes ensuring the proper functioning of the zone control feature. In systems that include zone controls, the ductwork is equipped with specific gates that enable individual climate control. If they are broken, clogged, or have faulty wiring, we will fix them. Regardless of the issues your system experiences, our team will find the right solution.

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