Multi-Head Systems Installation in Mosman

Multi-Head Systems Installation in Mosman

The Mosman air conditioning team works with all types of air conditioning equipment. We try to find the perfect units for homes and offices of various sizes and layouts. Often we are approached by clients who need to keep cool in a large three-story house or even a multi-story hotel. But in some situations, installing a ducted air conditioner is not possible. That is when we recommend paying attention to Multi-Head Systems.

In what cases Multi-Head Systems will be the ideal solution?

The design with multiple indoor units will suit many customers, for example, if:

  • The design of the home is already finished, and ductwork for a ducted air conditioner was not provided during the construction phase.
  • The homeowner does not want to place duct grilles throughout the house and has enough units in a few rooms.

Advantages of air conditioners with multiple indoor units

This is one of the most high-tech solutions. It combines the advantages of ducted air conditioners and standard split systems. The equipment consists of a powerful outdoor unit and connected to it indoor units, located in the desired rooms. From the outer casing to the inner ones, it is necessary to lay cables in the walls through which the cooled air will flow.
One outdoor condensing unit can supply up to six or even eight indoor units with a maximum capacity of 12 kW. Another advantage of this type of system is the variety of indoor air inlets. From split and cassette systems to small duct systems. Many of these types of indoor units can be installed in a single outdoor system.

Multi-split system air conditioner designs

You have a great choice among:

  • Wall-mounted
  • Rear-end
  • Ducted
  • Floor
  • Ceiling suspended
  • Cassette.

Mosman specializes in premium air conditioners such as Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric.


How much do multi-split systems cost?

A multi-split air conditioner can cost a little more than standard options. But you will not have to hang several outer units.

What is the principle of operation of a multi-split system?

From 2 to 8 indoor units we connect with cables, inside which is the refrigerant. The external unit has a big capacity and supports the operation of the internal ones.

Can a split system cool the whole house?

For this purpose, we suggest installing a multi-split. Each room that requires cooling will have a separate air conditioner with individual settings.

How quickly can I order installation?

Unless we’re talking about the hot season, you can expect installation within two days.

What does the installation price depend on?

We calculate the cost of installation based on the number of indoor units and the complexity of the work. For example, if the outdoor unit must be hung on brackets on the second or third floor, this installation will cost more than a standard installation.

How much electricity does a multi-split system consume?

It depends on the number of blocks and the capacity of each of them. We recommend choosing modern energy-efficient models.

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