Air conditioning repair

Air conditioning repair

Like any other appliance, an air conditioner has several moving parts. They ensure the proper functioning of the system. For instance, fans and coils require regular cleaning and lubrication to sufficiently perform cooling or heating tasks. Filters responsible for air purification require cleaning or replacement, depending on the state of the outside air.

Air conditioning repair

Besides being mechanical and electrical devices, the AC systems can encounter various problems that are not perceptible. However, those unnoticeable at first glance “deviations from the norm” may result in increased energy consumption and lower performance level. Thanks to advanced technologies, some air conditioners can carry on decent functioning while, in fact, the system is struggling with a problem. If a mechanical system is not cared for in the right manner, an unexpected problem may occur with almost any component of the HVAC. Among the most occurring issues that inevitably necessitate repair are:

  • clogging of condensate drainage lines,
  • problems caused by leaking or poorly charged refrigerant,
  • insufficient performance due to compressor fan defectiveness,
  • evaporator or condenser faulty functioning triggered by ice-covered coils.

You don’t have to be a professional to detect some issues. Use your senses to determine if something is wrong with your AC. First, check the level of noise produced by the system. It is supposed to make a gentle whooshing sound while the air travels through the vents. A louder or stranger humming may indicate that the system needs professional help.

Air conditioning repair is also needed when mold or mildew appears in condensate drainage. In case you smell an unpleasant odor associated with wet socks, it is a sign that drain lines need professional assistance. Last, check your electricity bills. Over time, the efficiency of the system may decrease, and operating it becomes costly. Our team will address this inefficiency and ensure that cooling and heating comes at an affordable price.

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