Air conditioning replacement

Air conditioning replacement

Living in a climate that is prevailing very hot most of the year, we know that a considerable part of the energy we pay for is consumed by air conditioning systems. It is inevitable because indoor comfort is impossible without a reliable air conditioner that provides blissful cooling when it is unbearably hot and pleasant heating in winter, in case the system can perform in dual mode. However, the older is the air conditioner, the less energy efficiency it has. And with the time the models that are ten or more years old are responsible for additional costs in running and repair.

Air conditioning replacement reduces electricity bills

If you noticed that the air conditioning system produces unusual noises or some part of your property is warmer while the other is too cold, it might be the leakage problems. In some older models, manufacturers used previous generation refrigerants that are outdated, expensive to replace, and less efficient compared to the new ones. Sometimes old air conditioner produces excess moisture, emits unpleasant smells, and does not provide sufficient coolness as it used to.

We specialize in professional servicing air conditioning systems, which include installation, maintenance, and repairs.

Based on our ten-year experience in this trade, we know that replacing is a better investment compared to maintaining an old appliance that can’t function at its best anymore due to such a natural cause as wear and tear.

Replacement versus repair

Even if a repair seems less expensive than replacing, in the long run, the result will be disappointing. Within one year of usage, an older air conditioning system might cost you frequent repairs and increased energy consumption. Add here second to the best performance, and replacing the old air conditioner will not look that expensive.

Our team consists only of professionals specializing in their field of expertise; therefore, all our services are licensed and insured. If you plan to replace your old system, reach out, and we will provide the best solution for your property.

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