Project – Two daikin split systems installation at Mosman

Project – Two daikin split systems installation at Mosman
Our new project – Daikin Cora and Daikin Zena split systems installed for a new house at Mosman. Customer called and told us that he bought the new house without any air conditioning at the ground level. Also he asked if there is any Daikin aircon in black colour to match the walls of his cinema room. Luckily Daikin has a special series called Zena model that comes in two colours: white and black. As you can see the balck Zena perfectly matched the black walls and its really hard to see it if its not running.  Zena is a top range model of Daikin products and it has some features like in-build wi-fi and filter ionization function and more. Also we installed Daikin Cora for a small office space at the back of the house. Outdoor units (the condensers) installed on an adjustable vibration mount on the side of the house.


Thanks to Victor - awesome guys who just did their job excellently.

Maria Anderson
Maria Andersonmanager

Victor helped us to choose the right unit and quick installation was a bonus. Thank you, guys.

Sarah Peterson
Sarah Petersonmanager