Project – Rinnai split system installation at Neutral Bay

Project – Rinnai split system installation at Neutral Bay
Our latest project – Two Rinnai split systems installed at Neutral Bay.
Our team recently installed two wall mounted split systems for a house at Neutral bay. Customer asked us to install a simple and reliable aircon for a bedroom and living room for his house so we suggested the Rinnai split systems. It has a 5 years warranty from the manufacturer so if anything happens to the aircon it will be fixed by the manufacturer. Also it has 3.5 star energy efficiency rating, inbuilt Wi-Fi controller, self cleaning and self diagnostic functions and much more. All above make it closer to the top leader of the Australian air conditioning market.
At this house we installed two outdoor units above the sideway lifted and mounted on the wall brackets. Indoor units are pretty stylish and fit the interior of the place well. Call us for more information about Rinnai air conditioners and ac specials
. RInnai split system at Neutral Bay


Thanks to Victor - awesome guys who just did their job excellently.

Maria Anderson
Maria Andersonmanager

Victor helped us to choose the right unit and quick installation was a bonus. Thank you, guys.

Sarah Peterson
Sarah Petersonmanager