Project – Mitsubishi Electric multi system installation at Paddington

Project – Mitsubishi Electric multi system installation at Paddington
Our latest project – Mitsubishi Electric multi system installation at Paddington.
Recently our team installed a mini multi system with only two indoor units Mitsubishi Electric brand for an old original terrace house in the Paddington area.
The outdoor unit is installed on the balcony deck below the rail so it is not visible from the street.
One indoor unit installed for a master bedroom upstairs and another one installed for a living area at ground level.
Customer didn’t want a wall mounted unit for a living area so we suggested going with a floor mounting indoor unit. Mitsubishi Electric indoor units have a boxy-shape and pretty compact size and could fit in almost any classic interior.
The floor space at upstairs master bedroom wasn’t enough to fit another floor standing unit without obstruction so we suggested installing a wall mounted ac unit instead.
Mitsubishi Electric floor at Paddington Mitsubishi Multi system installation at Paddington ME AP split installation at Paddington Mitsubishi Electric AP Floor standing ac installation at Sydney

Thanks to Victor - awesome guys who just did their job excellently.

Maria Anderson
Maria Andersonmanager

Victor helped us to choose the right unit and quick installation was a bonus. Thank you, guys.

Sarah Peterson
Sarah Petersonmanager